Maximize Results with Call Tracking

If your business generate revenue via phone calls, then tracking how many calls you get from any marketing channel and campaign is crucial. It will provide you with the information you need to improve advertising potential, sharpen marketing campaigns and eliminate ineffective efforts.

Call Tracking and Digital Marketing

With today’s technology tracking calls from a specific web page or app is a breeze. You can see which campaigns deliver more calls, what is your cost per call for a given ad, and in fact you can even measure to the keyword level in some cases. Call tracking is offered by a number of vendors, most of which use a combination of offline and online custom source tracking. These solutions not only meet the needs of most companies, but they are also easy to implement and manage. For companies that rely on web-to-call conversions, some easy to implement solutions are Call tracking metrics and CallRail. Make sure to do your due diligence, to make sure that the solution you are looking for will easily integrate with your website and campaigns. A good place to research for credible solutions is G2Crowd.

Keep in mind that if all you are trying to measure is an AdWords campaign, Google provides a built in call tracking solution inside AdWords.

Connect Call Tracking with Analytics and Adwords

In case you are using Google Analytics, you want to make sure that the solution you are choosing easily integrates with Google Analytics. Several vendors offer solutions that automatically sync with Google’s products, placing them as “events” in Google Analytics and as “conversions” in Google AdWords etc. Here’s an example on how Call Tracking Metrics is going about this.

What is Dynamic Phone Number Replacement?

Dynamic number replacement shows companies how the people calling them are finding the company’s website and phone number. By placing a simple line of code to your website, the company’s standard phone number will automatically change with different tracking numbers, assigned to each individual visitor. The original phone number will keep showing on the site for all visitors, the dynamic tracking numbers will only show to people that are arriving from campaigns you specified.

This kind of a solution allows companies to see how a customer found their site, which campaigns generate phone calls, which keywords and many more metrics.

Analyze and Improve

Assuming the call tracking solution you choose is compatible for integration with Google Analytics, or your other analytics solution, you would be able to measure the ROI for every online and offline campaign you run. This allows you to perform educated decisions about changes and improvement to your campaigns.

Other then integrating to an analytics platform to view your KPI’s, almost all call tracking solutions will also provide you with built-in tools that help analyze and improve your marketing efforts in regards to phone calls.

What’s next?

We help businesses choose and implement the right tracking solution for their goals. Most chances you are already tracking your calls properly only because this is such a crucial practice to follow, but if you or your agency clients need help with call tracking, drop us a line.



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