Google: Quality Raters Guidelines Are Not One-To-One With The Ranking Algorithm

I feel like Google has to spend more time telling SEOs to stop obsessing about specific details then helping with technical SEO issues and I called it with this one. Google's John Mueller had to say in this mornings hangout "quality rater guidelines is not one-to-one our ranking algorithm.

Google Demotion Signal

Google published a blog post about fighting piracy that linked to a PDF report. The PDF report discusses a ranking demotion signal. Google’s report reveals that it uses this demotion signal to rank sites lower. This article reviews the little known demotion signal.

Google Discovered But Currently Not Indexed Help

In Google Search Console, did you ever see the "discovered but currently not indexed" notice regarding your index coverage status report? Google says in their help document that it might be related to an overloaded server, but Google's John Mueller says otherwise in this video hangout.

Google My Business Insights to get more recent data

Google announced its help forums that Google My Business Insights, the analytics for Google My Business users, will soon have more recent data to look at. Kara from Google said, “we’ve made improvements to ensure that your Insights data is more up-to-date….

Google My Business Apps Gains Messaging, Posting, Photos & Much More

Google announced a revamp of the Google My Business app to help businesses create and manage their local listings in Google Maps. The new features in the app include a review management section, insight analytics, profile management, Google Posts management, real time messaging and notification.

Google: Nofollow Link Attribute Helps Publishers Focus On Content

Yesterday I posted that John Mueller of Google said to a publisher that they shouldn't worry about links and just link naturally. Then people started getting upset with Google about the nofollow link attribute and why Google has it at all.

Worried About Unconfirmed Halloween Google Algorithm Update?

Some WebmasterWorld members have reported changes starting around Halloween. Google has declined to confirm an update. Historically this means there was no update. The SEO industry has long discussed so-called Phantom updates that Google has consistently denied.

Google: We Index & Rank Content In Accordions & Tabs Fully Despite Some Studies

So here we have Google's Gary Illyes again defending what Google has said in the past, when SEOs say what he said is not true. This is around Google giving full weight to content on mobile within accordions or tabs.

Google Strongly Recommends Using HTML to Get Content Indexed Quickly

Google’s John Mueller says content needs to be in HTML in order for it to be indexed quickly. This is especially true for sites that frequently produce new and/or updated content.

Google Algorithm Update On September 11th

I was offline the past two days but when I came back, I saw a nice amount of chatter of a possible Google update starting around September 11th. Most, not all, of the tools are showing significant volatility and there is some chatter.

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