Why Having a Good Hosting Service Translate Into Speed

To provide the best for your visitors, you’ll need an optimized site that leans on a stable infrastructure which is where your hosting provider comes in.

Targeted SEO: Here’s how to grow a page from 200 visits per month to...

Spoiler alert: SEO works. Strategic, targeted SEO can drive huge results for the right pages. Of course, the catch here is that you need the “right” pages to see the best results. These pages need to be optimized, linkable and most of all they need to have opportunity.

A guide to HTML & meta tags in 2018

We’ve previously covered HTML meta tags & meta tags here and in some depth here, but as with most things in SEO, it’s an ever-changing landscape and the accepted usage and definitions of tags is often changing.

Does Blogging Help SEO? Everything You Need to Know

SEO advantages of blogging. Learn to optimize your blog content and help your website ranking improve in Google search results.

Getting started with Google Search Console

This is the first part of an in-depth series exploring the new Google Search Console interface and all of the functionality to be found therein. We’ll start with an overview and will proceed by exploring all of the sections of the tool.

All About Website Page Speed: Issues, Resources, Metrics, and How to Improve

Page speed is an important consideration for your SEO work, but it's a complex subject that tends to be very technical.

5 Powerful Types (And Examples) of Link-Worthy Content

Since the inception of the search engine, marketers have spent an obscene amount of time optimizing their content and strategy for search.

How to optimize your local business for voice search

Voice search is growing, a statement appearing time and time again throughout the web. It has fundamentally changed the way people search and it’s here to stay. With a simple command, users can conduct searches for information, products, services and local businesses.

Technical SEO Tactics for 2018 and Beyond #SEMrushchat

There are few things in digital marketing that are less misunderstood and less debated than technical SEO (which some folks like to call on-page SEO).

Google PageRank is NOT Dead: Why It Still Matters in 2018

It showed the Google PageRank of every page you visited on a logarithmic scale from 0–10. But even before Google officially removed support for Toolbar Pagerank in 2016, they had already ceased to update it for many years.

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