Maximize your agency potential

with high-end outsourcing
and optimized agency processes

We help with:

Agency Startup

If you're starting your own agency or already serve clients with other services and looking to offer digital marketing, we will help you get started.

Agency Coaching

Together with your team, we work to improve the existing products you provide to your clients and develop new products so you can offer more.

Outsourcing solutions

We serve as an extension of your team, adjusting our high-end web-dev and marketing solutions to your brand and the way you like things done.

Agency Startup

Let's create your digital agency

We help you set up your agency business from the ground up by implementing years of experience of helping other entrepreneurs to establish their digital marketing agencies.

We help with things like:


Setting up your domain, logo, identity, online presence and website. Making sure your agency is well represented with professional and unique style.


Hooking you up with all the tools you need to manage clients projects, host their websites, manage billing, produce reporting, and everything else.


Helping you establish your sales pipeline with custom collaterals, pre-sales audits, consulting sessions, and keeping you posted with industry changes.


Making sure you always know the answer. We're a phone call, email, or text message away for any concern or crazy idea you and your team may come up with.

Already have an established digital agency? then look at our:

Agency Coaching

Let's make your agency better

If you like to keep the work you do in-house we can help you

increase retention-rate and improve sales in two ways:

Optimize the agency

better retention & costs

Looking at the processes your team follows to execute SEO, PPC, content marketing, or any other campaign, we identify room for improvement to help you increase revenue and retention rate with reduced costs and better processes.

Develop new products

improves sales

Searching for low hanging fruits like cross-sells and related products that are missing from your offering right now, we Identify additional sales opportunities based on your existing client demographics.

The way we do it

1. We get to know you


We want to know more about your business. Starting over coffee or a friendly phone call, we will get the information we need about your company, how you currently do things, and your goals. You can ask us anything.

What's in it for you? You get a good feel that we are the right partner for your agency.

2. We take a deep-dive in


We start by auditing the processes your teams are following when executing campaigns or products for your clients. We specifically look at two avenues:

  • your existing products
  • your existing client base

Our goal is to improve the current services you offer and to identify new markets you can tap-in to.

let's work together!

Once we got all the details and a clear sense of the project’s scope, we will provide you a quote and a statement of work you can easily approve online. Approved? Perfect!

What's in it for you? You have a scheduled start date. We’re working together! 🙂

3. We set up your new processes


We set up detailed instructed tasks templates for each campaign type, and implement it all inside your own project management tools, to seamlessly work with your existing processes and tools.

What's in it for you? You get a complete optimization of the processes your team follows.

4. We teach you everything

team training

We will train your in-house fulfillment teams on all the moving parts of your improved process, including tasks, tools, and KPIs.

What's in it for you? Your team is ready-to-go with leaner, meaner processes, to achieve your clients' goals.

5. We help you keep growing

measure and compare

Every quarter we will compare your retention rate, sales, and revenue to the previous quarter, last year, and the benchmark report from when we first started helping you optimize your agency, so we can see how we actually helped you make your agency better.

What's in it for you? You get actual data that will help you visualize and understand your agency growth and the efficiency of our services.

And if your looking to make things even better, check out our:

Outsourcing Solutions

Let's make your life easier

Executing successful marketing campaigns involves multiple processes and tasks, sometimes a lot of them, and they can get messy, outdated, or abundant. We take this worry off your mind.

We offer white label fulfillment services including:


Whether your client needs a brand-new website, migrate from one CMS to another, or just add some functionality to their existing website, we do it all under your brand.


We optimize websites for search engines by cleaning up code, increasing website speed, creating and sharing engaging content, and improving user-experience. And we will do that for your clients too.

Tech support

Your clients can submit support tickets for help with their websites straight on your agency site, and we will handle the entire ticket-cycle from within your own support tool.

Paid campaigns

Our team includes certified specialists, talented designers, and creative copywriters. We will do all the heavy-lifting of setting up landing pages, tracking, optimization and reporting.

Everything we do for your clients is created and managed within your project management platform and every step is communicated with your team. 

All white labeled under your own agency.

Can it get any better?

We adjust all our solutions to work with the tools you and your team are already using

And the list goes on…

“Kanaan & Co. are a true partner when it comes to web design, development and tech support for our agency. These guys are truly second to none.”

Eric Olsen

Founder & CEO, Fasturtle

“Erez helped our agency implement improved processes and products. He is a go-to expert for any high level digital marketing challenge I face.”

Kurtis Barton

Group Publisher, Voice Media Group

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