Email Marketing and Newsletters

Email newsletter marketing is a cost-efficient way to reach people who want to hear from your company. Whether sending updates on your company, special offers, helpful guides or other content, this is one of the most effective methods of driving traffic to your site.

Must in Email Marketing

Prior to any email newsletter marketing endeavors your company undertakes, it is important to understand the legal regulations governing email marketing. In sum, you are allowed to send bulk emails only to people who chose to receive emails from you. In other words, do not spam. Reading the CAN-SPAM Act would be a wise investment of your time.

– Prepare Your Email Lis

Signing Up Subscribers

When building an email list, you want it to be as easy as possible for people to subscribe. The signup form should be placed where it is visible to people, whether on a landing page, blog, social media page or somewhere else.

It is also important to tell people up front what they can expect to receive in your emails. How often will they receive emails from you? What will these emails be about? This will help people determine whether they want to sign up to receive these emails. If people decide the information you are sending is not right for them, then they likely would add little value to your list anyways.

Welcoming Subscribers

As soon as someone signs up for your email list, send them a welcoming email. This may simply be a thank-you note, or it might contain a preview of what is to come. You may even want to welcome new subscribers with a special offer.

– Create the Newsletter

Follow a Schedule

The most effective newsletters are distributed on a regular basis. Rather than approaching each newsletter haphazardly, create a strategy, which includes a timeline, and stick to it. Possibly just include your newsletter in your editorial calendar.

Reflect Your Brand

Your newsletter should reflect your company’s brand. Ideally, the entire newsletter theme would be customized. If you are using an existing newsletter template, you can still customize the color scheme and include your company’s logo.

User-Friendly Design

In addition to sending great content, you should also make it easy for subscribers to access and share that content. Because so many people access their email through phones and other mobile devices, your newsletter should be easily viewed on smaller devices. Additionally, it should be easy to share with friends through social media.

– Measure Your Success

As with all campaigns, your email newsletter marketing campaigns should be monitored through an analytics program. It is important to keep track of open and click rates, so you can identify where to make changes to improve these rates.

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