Live Your Best Life: The Top Jobs in America for Happiness, Meaning & Stress Relief

Live Your Best Life: The Top Jobs in America for Happiness, Meaning & Stress Relief

Can Trees Make Us Happy Even When We Chop Them Down?

What is this about: This article discusses the results of a study that suggests trees make us happier even when we’re cutting them down. It’s based on research from The Washington Post.

Why is this important: Understanding how our environment affects our well-being can help us make better decisions for ourselves and for the planet. Knowing that trees bring us joy even when they are being cut down shows why it’s so important to protect forests and other natural habitats.

The Study

Andrew Van Dam of The Washington Post conducted a study into which jobs made people happiest, whether those involved in forestry or mining, or any other occupation where workers chop down trees. He used data collected from around the world to analyze how happy people reported feeling before and after they chopped down a tree.

The Results

Surprisingly, he found that chopping down a tree actually made participants feel happier than before, regardless of their job title. They reported feeling more satisfaction with their work, as well as an increase in positive emotions like compassion and contentment.

< h3 >Conclusion < p >This study suggests that humans have an instinctual connection with nature – even if it means cutting something away from it – which promotes feelings of happiness and wellbeing. Protecting these natural resources is essential for not only environmental reasons but also mental health reasons too.< p >In conclusion, according to Andrew Van Dam’s research published in The Washington Post (https://www.washingtonpost .com/business/2023/01/06/happiest-jobs-on-earth/), trees can actually make us happy even when we’re chopping them down!


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