API Integration


Hook Any Site To Any Service

Advanced websites often require connection to external services via an API that is provided by the external software provider. A common instance of API connection is when an eCommerce website connects to a drop shipper, or when connecting a site to marketing automation tools. Sometimes these external resources will already have a WordPress plugin, but often they don’t or the available plugin is missing functionality. That’s when a custom API connection comes in handy.

Example Case

One of my clients needed to add a second dropshipping provider to their eCommerce store, so I created separate custom software that handles their inventory simultaneously from two different drop shipper warehouses and communicates that data in real-time on their store.

This type of custom solution was achieved by combining 4 different APIs. one for each drop shipper, another for the custom inventory management system, and the last for WordPress itself (WooCommerce).

In technical terms:

The possibilities are endless and I can make anything you need to be done.


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