New Warning on HTTP/2: High Risk of Severe DoS Attacks

The world of cyber threats has seen the emergence of a new danger that could put sites and APIs using HTTP/2 at risk. As reported by SecurityWeek, researcher Bartek Nowotarski has exposed a newly discovered form of denial-of-service (DoS) attack called HTTP/2 Continuation Flood. This attack could pose greater risks than the previously known Rapid Reset vulnerability, which has already been used in large-scale DDoS attacks. Big names like Google and AWS have been hit by such attacks, highlighting the wide-reaching implications of this discovery. Read More.

Explaining the Threat

This vulnerability targets the way HTTP/2 processes certain data packets. Mismanagement and inadequate sanitization of these packets can cause serious issues, like immediate server crashes or excessive CPU usage, which can take down a site. The concern grows knowing a single attacker could use this method to cause disruption.

Protective Measures

Protecting your online assets against these dangers is essential. Although specific countermeasures for the HTTP/2 Continuation Flood are being developed, keeping your web presence secure and up to date is critical. Regularly updating your security measures through your hosting provider is a good start. Also, getting advice from web development and SEO experts can further secure your site.

If you’re using WordPress, WooCommerce, or Shopify, it’s crucial to host your site securely and with support. Getting help from a skilled wordpress developer can also enhance your web security. Moreover, implementing strong Local SEO practices can improve your visibility online while aligning your site with security best practices.

Being proactive about web security is better than reacting after the fact. By keeping informed and ready, you can protect your online space from threats like the HTTP/2 Continuation Flood.

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