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Tap beyond meta-data, keyword research, or on-page optimization, and discover advanced ways to optimize your website with Google Quality Raters, search intent, user experience, speed performance, and automation


Standard Audit

This is the type of audit that you usually get from digital agencies or SEO audit tools. It will help you discover technical site issues and suggest optimization for basic SEO elements like metadata, robots.txt, sitemaps, H tags, and other on-page elements.

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Advanced Technical Audit

Dive deep beyond the standard audits to identify site structure issues, crawl budget waste, additional markup opportunities, and more advanced on-page elements.

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Content Audits

Make sure there isn't any duplicated content on or off your site and identify issues with thin content, keyword usage, or content placement by manually reviewing your site's pages.

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Backlink Audits

Combine Search Console with ahrefs to generate a complete link profile report that will serve as a starting point for a detailed manual review of suspicious backlinks, and compile an accurate disavow file for Google.

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Backlinks Development

Get highly relevant backlinks from quality blogs and magazines by connecting directly with journalists and bloggers that are writing about your type of products and what you do.

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Google Quality Raters

Give Google what they want with signals of Expertise, Authority, and Trust, which are major considerations in Google's Quality Raters' Guidelines, where sites with a high E-A-T score are considered high quality and those with a low score are not.

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Scale and Automate

Add innovative content marketing capabilities with AI and plugins like CoSchedule to create a custom content calendar and semi-automate your blog with social media distribution and quality unique content on each share.

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Speed and Performance

Optimize critical CSS, minify files, set up varnish cache, compress image files, and deploy minimal code because Google is now ranking sites also based on how well they perform in the first second.

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Strategy Development

Combine the findings from all your audits with a competitive analysis to design a 6-12 month blueprint strategy as an action item task list, ready to deploy inside your project management tool.

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Team Training

Teach anyone in your team to successfully implement their part of the strategy with task descriptions, examples, video tutorials, and one-on-one support sessions, or ask me to do it for you.

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Case Study

Dental Brothers


Score: 100

The goal of this project was to improve the site’s SEO ranking by optimizing page speed and user experience. The site is built over a custom WordPress theme and cloned their previous design. Before the new site launched, the page speed score was 40, and after the launch, the score improved to 100 with a custom theme. Appointment bookings (lead generation) from organic traffic increased by 300% using the latest best web development and SEO practices. On top of that, I scaled their paid campaigns to 5 figures monthly while increasing ROAS and reducing CPA. And implemented automation and AI to sync the brand messaging across channels and improve brand engagement.

"The quality of work and dependability are by far the best I have experienced."

Dan Gafni DMD, Founder, Dental Brothers

Dan M Gafni Past Client

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