Site Migrations

Manually Switching Any CMS to Any CMS

  • Pixel perfect clone of your current site
  • SEO-focused migration
  • Extensive QA in all stages
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Site Migrations are just like Rocket Science

We know what's at stake, so we follow a strict process leaving no room for error.

Touch each element to see what's inside:

r L equirements ist Templates Functionality Scripts to move APIs to move 1
s P cope roject Goals Deliverables Timeline Budget 2
u B ps ack Theme files Database SEO data (Screaming Frog crawl) 3
K B PIs enchmark Traffic Sales Ranking Core Web Vitals 4
m U apping RL Keep same URLs 301 only if must Verify canonicals Compile list 5
e S nvironment taging Fast & secure Password gated Hidden from crawlers 6
d S evelopment tart Best practices code Mobile first Responsive layout Set up CMS 7
i C mport ontent Pages & posts Products & categories Media & files Tracking scripts 8
S O EO n-page Set up Yoast Implement Um⁵ Fix 3xx/4xx in-content Optimize file sizes 9
C QA ode CWV test all templates Verify functionality Test transactions 3rd party APIs
C 2 QA ontent Text readability Design quality Browsing experience Navigation
S QA EO Crawl dev site Confirm markups Verify H1/2 & title tags 3x Check money pages
P M rep igration Optimize live server Backup live site Prepare DNS setting Alert stakeholders 1 0
L aunch! Save DNS records Verify SSL Test server KPIs Confirm propogation 1 1
QA P ost-launch Run another QAc Run another QAc² Run another QAs All good? Go chill 1 2

Because overlooking the tiniest one during migration can pose a severe financial or reputational threat.

Table codes

*Every type of migration has specific additional sub-elements.

Then we Keep Monitoring Everything

To ensure the migration has been 100% successful.


What is your Migration Goal?

Full Redesign

You like your CMS but not the design, and you want to activate a new theme.

CMS Update

You like everything you are using now, but running on a dated CMS version.

CMS Migration

You had it with the CMS you are using now and want to switch to a different one.

Theme SEO

You like your CMS and design, but the theme is too bloated for CWV which hurts your SEO.

Server Migration

You like your CMS and site design, but the theme is too bloated and hurts your SEO.

Multisite Consolidation

You like your CMS and site design, but the theme is too bloated and hurts your SEO.

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A Few of Our Latest Projects Site development example 1

Custom Shopify Theme

Shopify + TailwindCSS

High PageSpeed Score | Custom Theme | Responsive | Mobile First Design | Data Migration example

Custom WP/Woocommerce Theme

WordPress + WooCommerce

Custom Theme | Responsive | Custom Plugins

Example Site Dev 3

Custom Magento Theme


Custom Theme | Responsive | Custom Plugins | Custom Built Server | Server Administration

"...a strategic partner of our agency for high-level web development and support."

Jeremy Ginsburg, Founder & CEO, NoticeUMarketing


Why shouldn't I just use automated migration tools?

Yes, there are automatic "AI" based website migration tools out there, but if you have an eCommerce shop with more than a dozen of products, or a clinic in a competitive landscape, these solutions are not for you. Thoroughly planned careful migration is the only way to move your website to a new CMS without compromising functionality and SEO.

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