Social media and Google Ads management

Maximize Your Reach: Tap into the power of Google, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and more to connect with your audience.
Optimized for Conversion: Leverage tailored ad campaigns and landing pages designed to convert and enhance your ROI.
Expertise You Can Trust: Benefit from our Google-certified team's expertise working with local businesses and national brands.

Google ads and facebook ads services

We are certified ads specialists for

Google Ads
Meta Ads with Facebook and Instagram
Youtube video ads

Our Approach to Paid Advertising

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What kind of ad campaign do you need?

Search Campaigns

We focus on placing your ads in front of users actively searching for your products or services, ensuring high relevance and intent.

Keyword & bid management
Optimized ads creation
QS & conversion optimization 

Display Campaigns

We design and target visually appealing ads that are placed on strategic websites within the Google Display Network and beyond.

Creative assets design
Managed target placements
Google and social networks  

Video Campaigns

From YouTube ads to videos on social platforms, we create compelling video ads that tell your brand's story and engage viewers.

Storytelling through video
Video formats per platform
PPV and CPM optimization  

Retargeting Ads

We place your ads in front of site visitors who haven't converted yet as they browse the web, to increase the chances of conversion.

Audience segmentation
Cross-platform retargeting
Assets personalization 

Local Business Ads

We optimize your ads for local searches and Google maps results, helping you to attract customers in your area ready to convert.

Localized ads messaging
Geographical bid management
Search and maps targeting 

Shopping Ads

We combine strategic product selection, optimized bidding, and detailed analysis to maximize visibility ,sales, ROAS, CAC, and LTV.

Product pages optimization
Cart recovery & CRO
Feed optimization  

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We'll always optimize your landing pages

Unlock the full potential of your paid ads with our Landing Page Optimization services. At Kanaan & Co., we believe that the success of a campaign hinges not just on the ad itself but on the post-click experience. That's why we:

  • Design with Conversion in Mind: Our landing pages are crafted to captivate and convert, utilizing best practices in design and user experience.
  • Optimize for Quality Score: Improve your ad's performance and reduce costs with landing pages that are optimized to enhance your Google Quality Score.
  • A/B Testing for Continuous Improvement: We employ rigorous A/B testing to refine and perfect your landing pages, ensuring they deliver the maximum ROI.

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Eric Olsen - Founder & CEO, Fasturtle

Eric Olsen - Founder & CEO, Fasturtle

A digital agency from Phoenix