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  • Based in Scottsdale, AZ
Erez Kanaan


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Erez Kanaan - Founder

I've been in digital marketing since 2005, and I have to say, it's been a wild ride! I started my own business (not an agency) and quickly realized that there weren't many skilled freelancers at the time. Being a bootstrapped entrepreneur, I had to learn everything about digital marketing and how to find the right freelancers without wasting my money. As a result, I created a straightforward system of processes that worked like a charm. I then used it to scale multi-million dollar companies and guide agency owners on how to streamline their production to reclaim their time.

"I enjoy helping companies scale with efficiency"


For Companies

Case Study


Dentists in Arizona / 2 Practices

  • Established their brand and online assets
  • Developed holistic digital marketing strategies 
  • Improved organic traffic and rankings by 300%
  • Enabled lead attribution 
  • Gradually increased ad spend to 5 figures monthly
  • Improved ROAS by 400%
  • Increased review count by 300%
  • Assisted their expansion to another location
Case Study

"The quality of work and dependability are by far the best I have experienced. He is always there for me and my staff with anything we need help with for our websites and marketing."

Dr. Dan Gafni

Founder, Dental Brothers


For Agencies

Agency Case Study


Nationwide Digital Agency / 1500+ Clients

  • Implemented a cloud-based project management tool to open up for scalability
  • Reduced time spent on reporting by 80% by integrating reporting automation
  • Improved retention and LTV by 20% on average with better products and communications
  • Established content production department to support the agency's clients
  • Updated strategies and deliverables for all campaign types as task templates
  • Created multi-channel strategies for multi-million dollar brands
Case Study

"Erez helped our agency implement improved processes and products. He is a go-to expert for any high-level digital marketing challenge I face."

Kurtis Barton
Group Publisher, Voice Media Group