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Case study

A DTC brand

Web Core Vitals Score: 100

Organic Growth: +400%

Conversion Rate: +30%

Online Sales: +1000%

How did this happen?

Watch the 2-minute video to learn how we increased organic rankings by 400% and appointment bookings (lead generation) by 300% using web development and SEO best practices.

And how did they save $50k/year on tech stack?

Custom inventory management

We also eliminated their dependency on premium product feed management tools, like Feedonomics or Flxpoint, with a custom inventory management solution on a server they own forever, resulting in yearly savings of $50k+.

Some of the features they requested:

  • Multiple drop shippers and warehouses integration
  • 2-way communication
  • Real-time inventory updates
  • Rule-based dropshipper selectors
  • A to Z management from purchase to shipping

A Word from the brand

"Kanaan & Co. is like a true rainmaker! They did what the biggest agencies couldn't deliver for our brand and doubled our revenue within six months. Three years in, we were selling X10."

George Campbell - Owner, DBJ Enterprises Inc.

George Campbell - Past Client

This can work for every shop

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And another custom plugin for eComm

Products descriptions generator

Duplicate generic product descriptions will never rank on Google

That's why we developed a custom plugin that instantly writes unique, high-quality content for products and categories, unleashing your true organic potential.

  • Adapted to your brand tone and style
  • Unlimited categories & products
  • Short and long product descriptions
  • Anywhere on the page
  • Dynamic links insertion
  • Optimized headings & markup
  • AI Integration (coming soon)

Agencies nationwide

Trust us with their clients


"Erez helped our agency implement improved processes and products. He is a go-to expert for any high-level digital marketing challenge I face."

Kurtis Barton Group Publisher, Voice Media Group

Kurtis Barton - Group Publisher, Voice Media Group

A nationwide agency


What is SEO for eCommerce sites?

Yes, there are automatic "AI" based website migration tools out there, but if you have an eCommerce shop with more than a dozen of products, or a clinic in a competitive landscape, these solutions are not for you. Thoroughly planned careful migration is the only way to move your website to a new CMS without compromising functionality and SEO.

Which eCommerce CMS do you work with?

There are a few reasons that can be divided into technical risks, SEO risks, and 3rd party integrations.

Technical issues include anything from the site being entirely down, to checkout or form submission issues or other functional errors.

SEO issues for sites with established rankings are very common and include anything from keyword ranking drops, to pages vanishing completely from search results.

3rd party integrations can have issues that affect communication between your site and external tools like marketing automation, tracking, CRM etc.

A site migration for an established business is very sensitive and should be planned and executed by a professional with good site migration experience.

What's your eCommerce experience?

  1. We know what's at stake, and we take your business extremely seriously
  2. We carefully follow every step in the book and other processes we learned over time.
  3. We migrated hundreds of established websites and eCommerce stores and dealt hands-on with every possible issue.
  4. We're fully dedicated to every migration and we stay up around the clock during and post-launch to ensure everything works smoothly.

Will you work with my other agencies?

For non-eComm sites and healthcare providers, we migrate from any CMS to WordPress or WP-based Gatsby.

For online shopping brands, we migrate from any CMS to either WP-based Woocommerce, Shopify, Shopify-Plus, or Magento 2.