Custom developed plugins & APIs

✓ Integrating any 3rd party tool
✓ Developing any functionality
✓ Fully secured and speed safe

Custom plugins and apps for websites

We extend your website


With custom developed

Plugins & Apps

When you need a new feature or functionality and can't find an app or plugin, we create a custom one that does everything you need without slowing down your site.

Full CMS compatibility
Core Web Vitals safe
Yours to own forever

API integrations

When a 3rd party doesn't support your CMS, we create a custom API connection between your site and the service to securely GET, PUT and POST the required data.

Connect any 3rd party tool
2-way communication
Multi-APIs collaboration

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Some cool examples

Custom inventory manager

Managing inventory and fulfillment with tools like Feedonomics or Flxpoint can be costly

So we help you eliminate this dependency with a custom inventory management system.

Custom product feed inventory manager
  • 2-way communication
  • Real-time inventory updates
  • Multiple dropshippers SKU sync
  • Rule-based dropshipper selectors
  • Woocommerce or Shopify plugins
  • Full purchase cycle management 

Products descriptions generator

Generic product descriptions are duplicates that won't ever rank on Google

So our web developers in Scottsdale created a custom plugin that creates unique, high-quality content for all products and categories within minutes, enabling you to compete organically.

  • Based on your brand tone & style
  • Unlimited products & categories
  • Short & long product descriptions
  • Above and below products grid
  • Dynamic links embedded in content
  • Optimized H tags & content markup
  • Integration with AI (coming soon)

Broken links manager

Broken links can be fixed with existing plugins by automatically setting a 301 redirect, but in reality, they bloat the site because every redirect consumes a nanobyte from Google's crawler, which can waste crawl budget in large volumes. The best practice is to search your site, find the broken link, and manually replace it with the new address. Our plugin does exactly that.

fix broken old links, dont just redirect
  • Scheduled or manual scan
  • Semi or fully automatic handling
  • Finds every 3xx, 4xx, & 5xx
  • Fixes internal & outgoing links
  • Fixes links in content to avoid 301
  • Best practice code & structure
  • Site speed performance safe
  • Follows technical SEO best practices
  • Adheres to CMS guidelines

Need Something Custom?

Reach out if you're interested in one of our custom plugins or need a brand-new one.