Google’s Latest Update on INP: A Quick Dive

Have you noticed your website loading faster lately? This might be because Google has made changes to improve Interaction to Next Paint (INP) for sites with Consent Management Platforms (CMPs). According to a report from Search Engine Journal, this update helps sites that use CMPs like OneTrust, Complianz, and Axeptio.

What does it mean?

Simply put, INP scores show how quickly your site responds to user interactions, such as clicks or taps. Google values these scores because they affect your site’s ranking in search results. High INP scores mean a better experience for your visitors and potentially better placement on Google.

Is there anything you should do about it?

Yes, you should! If your site uses CMPs, you might have already seen improvements in INP scores. However, you should still check your site’s performance. Use tools like PageSpeed Insights and CrUX to see where you stand. Google also released a guide to help you fix any INP problems, which is great if you like handling things yourself.

Before this update, Google shared a tutorial on INP optimization. It’s part of Google’s effort to educate webmasters and SEO enthusiasts on improving website responsiveness.

Improving INP is a continuous effort that can lead to a better user experience and possibly higher search rankings. If you’re not comfortable with coding or want to improve your website, consider hiring a professional SEO company or a website development agency.

In summary, Google’s update is good news for sites using Consent Management Platforms. It makes websites faster and may help with search rankings. Google aims to ensure sites not only have quality content but also offer quality interactions. Improving your site’s INP score is essential. Now is the time to check your performance and see how you can enhance it, or get help from the experts.

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