Google’s Structured Data Carousels: A Quick Overview

Google is introducing a new beta feature that aims to make search results more dynamic and visually appealing. According to Google’s Search Central Documentation, this feature uses structured data carousels to improve the visibility of content.

What does it mean?

Google’s latest update uses structured data to organize content into a scrollable carousel. This feature showcases items like local businesses, products, and events with images, ratings, and prices. It’s a chance for websites to attract attention with eye-catching visuals in Google’s search results. However, this beta feature is only available in EEA countries for certain travel, local, and shopping queries.

Is there anything you should do about it?

Even though this feature is currently limited in scope, it’s essential to keep up with Google’s updates. Preparing for the possibility of beta features becoming essential SEO tools is wise. If your business relates to the highlighted categories, considering structured data might be beneficial.

Adapting to Google’s updates, including the new carousel format, requires an understanding of SEO and possibly updating your website’s structure. This change could signal more developments in how Google displays search results.

If you’re curious about the details of structured data carousels and who can use them, check out the detailed announcement at Google’s Search Central Documentation. Staying informed is crucial in the fast-moving digital marketing and SEO landscape.

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