Google’s Latest Move in the Kitchen: Recipe Rich Results Report Revamp

Hey, have you noticed your recipe pages acting funky lately? Well, Barry Schwartz, over at SERoundtable, just shed some light on why that might be happening. Google has given their Recipe Rich Results Report in Google Search Console a bit of a facelift and additionally, they’ve done some housekeeping on their recipe structured data documentation. What’s on the menu? More warnings popping up for your recipe items because of these updates.

What does it mean?

This change kicked off on March 6, 2024, focusing on two new stars in the recipe reports: recipeInstructions and recipeIngredient. It’s not about Google redefining search, but they’re certainly upping their game on what they report in the Search Console. This means, those lovely recipes you’ve got could now be under more scrutiny or, let’s say, being observed with a sharper lens, specifically on how ingredients and instructions are listed.

Is there anything you should do about it?

Absolutely, yes. First, don’t panic. Google’s not out to get your grandmother’s secret pie recipe. But, they do want to ensure that the digital representation of that pie is as clear and helpful to the user as can be. It’s time to comb through your recipes. Make sure that recipeIngredients and recipeInstructions are clearly defined. If you’ve got videos, don’t forget the contentUrl. This isn’t just about avoiding those warnings; it’s about making sure your recipes are served up in search results just as tastily as they are in the kitchen.

If you’re diving headfirst into the deep end of Google’s structured data updates or want to ensure your website recipes are up to par, turning to a professional might just be your best bet. An SEO agency can help stir your website in the right direction, ensuring your content meets Google’s appetizing standards. Meanwhile, if these changes hint at needing some technical tweaks to your site, a wordpress developer could be the secret ingredient you need. Both avenues ensure your recipes (and the rest of your site) remain delicious in Google’s eyes, and importantly, in front of potential readers.

So, while you focus on crafting those mouthwatering recipes, let professionals handle the dish that is SEO and web development. It’s a collaboration that ensures your website doesn’t just play by the rules but shines. Time to cook up some SEO success!

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