Hacked WordPress Sites Leveraging Visitors’ Browsers

What does it mean?

As The Hacker News and security researcher Denis Sinegubko from Sucuri unveil, there’s a sneaky new trend where hacked WordPress sites are being used to launch brute-force attacks. This isn’t your typical hack; it’s using your site’s visitors’ browsers as a pawn to attack other sites. By injecting malicious JavaScript, these threat actors can brute-force their way into other WordPress sites using common and leaked passwords. Imagine this: over 700 sites have fallen victim so far, and your site could unwittingly be part of this scenario, hitting other innocents in the digital realm.

Is there anything you should do about it?

Absolutely. First off, this shift from cryptocurrency draining to brute-force attacks implies a strategic move from the attackers, seeking more lucrative ways to exploit WordPress sites. Given the severity of the situation, ensuring your website’s security should be atop your priority list. This isn’t just about safeguarding your site but also protecting the digital ecosystem at large, including your unsuspecting visitors.

Turning to a professional SEO company can be a strategicmove. Reinforcing your site’s security, along with enhancing your SEO, could save you from unwanted intruders and the complications that follow. Moreover, considering a reputable website development agency for a security overhaul or to build a new, secure WordPress site from scratch might just be the preventive cure needed against such vulnerabilities.

It’s a digital world full of surprises – not all of them pleasant. Taking steps to secure your WordPress site now could help ensure those surprises don’t turn into nightmares. Make sure to read more about this developing story over at The Hacker News.

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