WordPress Maintenance


Keep WordPress Up-To-Date

As the operating system of your website, and just like your phone or computer, WordPress requires periodic updates. In fact, WordPress has 3 main components that include WordPress itself as the CMS, then the theme installed on the CMS, and the last (3rd) layer is plugins (functionality) that are also installed on the CMS.

Each of these 3 layers gets periodic updates from its developers which must be implemented on the sites you handle in order to ensure their performance and security. Some hosting platforms offer automatic updates which can cause havoc in cases where an update to a component of one of the layers is not compatible with a different component. This conflict happens often.

Update Responsibly

The right way is to update it manually, by looking at changelogs and testing an update on a staging environment prior to implementing it live. Our team will update your sites each month and monitor important time-sensitive updates from developers to implement them as they happen.

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