Yoast SEO’s Latest Update: What You Need to Know

The new Yoast SEO 22.6 update is here, and it’s packed with improvements that every website manager should know. The Yoast team has worked on some performance enhancements that will benefit your site.

What Does It Mean?

This update is all about making your site run smoother, similar to giving your car an oil change. With better processing of user metadata, author sitemaps are now faster and more efficient. This gives the database a break, especially for busy sites, resulting in quicker sitemap outputs. In simple terms, this helps search engines find and index your content faster, improving SEO visibility.

Another major improvement in Yoast SEO 22.6 is the advanced keyphrase detection in SEO titles for Arabic and Hebrew. This means the plugin will now more accurately recognize exact matches, benefiting content creators working in these languages.

Is There Anything You Should Do About It?

Yes, it’s important. As WordPress raises the requirements for PHP versions, Yoast SEO follows suit. If you’re using outdated PHP versions, you’ll need to update to keep the plugin working well. This ensures compatibility and a more secure website. Yoast will stop supporting PHP versions below 7.4 after November 1st, 2024, giving you plenty of time to update.

With these updates, Yoast SEO is making SEO easier and more efficient. Keeping your digital tools up-to-date is essential, including optimizing sitemaps and maintaining a strong backend through SEO agency assistance or website development services. Remember to check for any updates you might need. For more details, you can read the full article at Yoast here.

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