Google Ads Innovates with “Recently Used” CTA for Performance Max Campaigns

When setting up a new campaign in Google Ads, you might notice a shiny new addition – a “Recently Used” Call To Action (CTA), but only if you’re opting for Performance Max campaigns. This strategic move, reported by [Search Engine Land](, is exclusive to PMax, setting it apart from other campaign types.

What does it mean?

This new label is a subtle nudge, perhaps a way for Google to promote Performance Max campaigns by making them more visible and accessible. It’s clear that automation and efficiency are at the heart of this addition. By highlighting the campaigns you’ve recently used, Google Ads is likely aiming to streamline the set-up process, making it quicker and more intuitive.

Why you should care?

As someone deeply invested in the success of your paid marketing strategies, understanding Google’s shifts towards automation is crucial. This “Recently Used” feature implies a shift in how Google wants advertisers to engage with its platform, prioritizing ease of use and possibly, effectiveness of campaigns. As Google continues to refine its offerings, staying abreast of these changes can be beneficial for strategizing and optimizing your ad spend.

Is there anything you should do about it?

Embracing these updates can be a significant advantage. Consider exploring Performance Max campaigns if you haven’t already. They’re being positioned as a standout option, and Google’s continuous updates could mean enhanced performance for your ads. Keeping a pulse on these changes and how they affect campaign management is essential. Ensuring that your promotional strategies, whether they’re focused on SEO or PPC, stay aligned with these developments could be the difference between good and great results.

In an age where digital landscapes are rapidly evolving, aligning with robust platforms like Google Ads and understanding their nuances can give you a competitive edge. As Nicola Agius from Search Engine Land reports, while this appears to be an experiment by Google, responding proactively to such changes is wise.

For more in-depth insights and the implications of this update, be sure to check out the full article here.

Whether it’s refining your website development to improve user experience or leveraging the latest PPC innovations, staying ahead in the dynamic digital marketing domain is pivotal.

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