Google Takes a Backseat as Gen Z Opts for TikTok and YouTube Searches

A recent Axios article highlights a big change in how people find information online. It turns out, for Gen Z, Google is being passed over in favor of TikTok and YouTube for searching. This isn’t just a small change; it’s a sign that SEO strategies and online visibility need to be looked at in a new light.

What does it mean?

This change signals that Gen Z prefers to use social media platforms filled with quick, relatable, and visual content to find information. The most important takeaway is the growing importance of content being authentic and relatable. For anyone involved in digital content and marketing, it’s time to rethink how these social media platforms play a role in how your content is seen online.

Is there anything you should do about it?

Yes. First, relook at your SEO strategy and how you incorporate social media. Recognizing that younger people are looking for information in new, dynamic ways means focusing on platforms where they are active. Combining SEO with content that’s visually engaging and authentic on YouTube or TikTok can make a big difference. Also, making sure your website looks good and works well on all devices will keep visitors coming from social platforms. Finding the right balance between traditional SEO and these emerging trends could help you reach a broader, more tech-savvy audience.

In summary, while Google is still a major player in the search engine market, not paying attention to the shift towards social media for information could mean missing out on connecting with a whole generation that prefers non-traditional search methods. Staying up-to-date with these trends and being willing to adapt is crucial. It’s not about leaving Google behind, but about embracing the diverse ways people are searching for information today.

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Erez Kanaan Founder & CEO
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