The Latest From Google: March 2024 Core Update Completed

Let’s dive right in. Barry Schwartz from Search Engine Land reports that Google has just finished its March 2024 core update—and it’s a big one. The update, which started on March 5, 2024, and ended on April 19, 2024, is more elaborate than previous ones, involving many core systems. It also signals the end of Google’s standalone helpful content updates.

What does it mean?

The main aim of this update is to decrease low-quality and spammy content in search results. Google hoped to reduce such content by 40%, yet it saw a reduction of about 45%. That’s a notable achievement. Google also tweaked core web vitals, undertook a series of manual spam actions, and made several other changes.

Is there anything you should do about it?

If your website was impacted, or even if it wasn’t, there’s really no specific step you need to take to bounce back from this update. The advice remains the same: concentrate on creating truly helpful content for people, not just for search engines. Google says not to worry if you’ve been focusing on satisfying your audience. Seeing a dip? It may be a good moment to review your content and make improvements.

For those looking to boost their SEO strategy or seeking a thorough understanding of how these changes might affect your site, getting advice from a professional SEO agency might be a smart move. Given the update’s complexity and focus on user experience, evaluating your website’s development for optimal performance and engagement is also advisable.

To sum up, the March 2024 update is significant, with a clear intention to cut down on low-quality content in search results. It underscores the need to prioritize quality and value in our digital content. Keep your content authentic and interesting to stay ahead.

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