Should You Invest In A Facebook Ads Campaign

Should You Invest In A Facebook Ads Campaign

Facebook Promoted Ads

Facebook has more than 1 billion users and an ad network that lets marketers create highly targeted campaigns. Few other advertising platforms have as large an audience and as high a level of customization, which is why Facebook is one advertising platform that marketers must consider.

Facebook Ads are Highly Targetable

Few advertising platforms let marketers create as highly targeted advertising campaigns as Facebook does, which is why Facebook is such a popular advertising platform. Some of the specific demographics you would like a campaign to target can be defined by:

In addition to creating campaigns based on these criteria, you can also create even more focused campaigns through Facebook’s:

Measure Performance

Facebook’s Ads Manager gives you the tools you need to manage your ad campaigns on Facebook. It lets you:

export reports on each of your campaigns.

Use Facebook Conversion Pixel on Your Website

Facebook’s conversion pixel is for Facebook Ad campaigns that promote an external website. This tool insert uses a java code snippet on the web page that the ad enables to track visitors to that page and the page’s conversion rate. By monitoring conversion rates for both mobile and desktop impressions with this tool, you will be able to optimize your Facebook ad campaign for a maximum return on investment (ROI). You will see how your Facebook ads are performing and adjust your bids and budgets accordingly.

Know Your Audience

Page Insights is Facebook’s analytics program for pages. It will show you who has connected with your page and how they have connected with your brand. It also shows how much content you share is engaged with by people.

Retarget Your Website Visitors with Facebook Exchange

Facebook Exchange (FBX) will help you recapture people who have visited your site but did not make a purchase. FBX works like any other online retargeting strategy, but specifically for Facebook’s platforms. After the visitor leaves your site, FBX will send them your advertisements through Facebook’s real-time bidding (RTB) ad network. FBX lets you target some of your most promising potential customers while your company is still fresh in their minds.

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