Google launches Reach Planner for YouTube & video ad forecasting in AdWords

Google has launched Reach Planner, a new planning tool for video campaigns. Currently in beta, Reach Planner in AdWords is designed to help media planners and advertisers forecast the reach and frequency of video campaigns on YouTube and the video partners on the Google Display Network.

Google My Business Agency Dashboard launches today

Google has announced that the Google My Business Agency Dashboard is launching today. We had heard that this feature was coming a month ago, and now it is live. The Agency Dashboard lets local marketing agencies and local SEOs manage multiple listings in a more efficient and productive manner.

Weekly WordPress News: WordPress 5.0 Release Date Pushed Back To Nov 27

When the core team announced the tentative WordPress 5.0 release date of November 19, they said that date could move by up to 8 days.

Google News Confirms Killing Off Several Publisher Features

Lisa Wang from the Google News team posted in the Google News Help forums last night that they are deprecating a bunch of publisher specific features within Google News. Some we already reported, like the Editors' Picks and standout meta tag but there are others as well.

Google Introduces WordPress Plugin With Integrated Analytics, Search Console, More

Google has introduced a new WordPress plugin which brings insights from Google tools to users’ dashboards. Site Kit by Google allows users to access information in Search Console, Analytics, AdSense, and PageSpeed Insights from the WordPress admin panel.

Google Data Studio now gains 16 months of Search Analytics data

Google Data Studio, the custom data dashboard platform, now supports obtaining 16-months of Google Search Analytics data from the Google Search Console. This brings Google Data Studio to the same length of data as the Search Analytics API and the new beta Search Console.

New Goal-Optimized Shopping Campaigns in AdWords

The latest upgrade to Google Shopping campaigns was announced earlier this month, goal-optimized Shopping campaigns. This new campaign type will optimize your ads across networks for whatever you have defined as your conversion value using automation and machine learning.

Google launches Indexing API for job posting URLs

Google has launched a new API aimed at making the Google job search features more real-time and up-to-date. The new API, named the Indexing API, can currently only be used to crawl job posting pages marked up with job posting structured data, Google said.

Worried About Unconfirmed Halloween Google Algorithm Update?

Some WebmasterWorld members have reported changes starting around Halloween. Google has declined to confirm an update. Historically this means there was no update. The SEO industry has long discussed so-called Phantom updates that Google has consistently denied.

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