91% of Content Gets No Traffic From Google. And How to Be in the...

Our Content Explorer tool discovers 1.8 Million new pages every 24 hours while being very picky about the pages that qualify for inclusion. The “main” Ahrefs web crawler crawls almost that same amount of brand new pages every minute!

PPC Task Checklist For Account Success

When I first began learning pay per click let’s just say I was a little confused, okay incredibly overwhelmed, by all that I had to learn.

Google Strongly Recommends Using HTML to Get Content Indexed Quickly

Google’s John Mueller says content needs to be in HTML in order for it to be indexed quickly. This is especially true for sites that frequently produce new and/or updated content.

Wix Versus WordPress? HttpArchive Data Doesn’t Lie

Httparchive published the First Contentful Paint scores of top content management systems. It showed Wix dead last behind every CMS in the analysis for the fastest scores. Yet Wix pulled ahead of WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal in other areas. The data reveals actionable trends.

9 Simple Steps to Creating an Effective Social Media Strategy

If you don’t have a social media strategy, you aren’t alone. According to a recent survey, 50 percent of businesses admit to not having a documented social media strategy.

New Guide on How to Position Website Security for Customers

Website security is challenging, especially when dealing with a large network of sites. That is why we have created a guide for web professionals and web service providers. Our main objective is to help you understand how to leverage a website security plan for your clients.

Is Twitter Follower Growth Slowing? [New Data]

Using TwitterCounter, I looked at the follower growth rate curves of the Twitter accounts of a number of prominent marketers who are active Twitter users.

Mobile SERP survival: Technical SEO checklist

It’s taken over a year and a half, but Google’s mobile-first indexing is finally here. The Search Console messages have begun to appear, and sites are steadily being switched over to the mobile-first indexing approach.

Google Adwords Optimization

Monitor Your Google AdWords Performance To realize the greatest return on investment (ROI) with Google AdWords, you must regularly review how your campaigns are performing and optimize your...

Google Data Studio now gains 16 months of Search Analytics data

Google Data Studio, the custom data dashboard platform, now supports obtaining 16-months of Google Search Analytics data from the Google Search Console. This brings Google Data Studio to the same length of data as the Search Analytics API and the new beta Search Console.

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