Live Your Best Life: The Top Jobs in America for Happiness, Meaning & Stress Relief

Live Your Best Life: The Top Jobs in America for Happiness, Meaning & Stress Relief

Can Cutting Down Trees Make Us Happy?

What is this about:

This article discusses how cutting down trees can actually make us happy. According to data, while we are chopping them down, they still can bring us joy.

Why is this important:

This topic has become increasingly relevant in our society as deforestation and climate change continue to be major issues that people are becoming more aware of. Understanding the relationship between trees and happiness may help inform our decisions on how best to protect the environment in a way that also benefits human mental health.

The Science Behind Happiness

Recent studies have shown that being around nature or even just glimpsing it from afar produces positive emotions in humans. The research found that when people were exposed to images of landscapes with lots of trees and plants, their brains reacted by producing dopamine – a hormone associated with pleasure and reward.

Effects On Mental Health

The findings suggest that having access to green spaces is an important factor for improving mental wellbeing. For example, one study showed that living near forests was linked to lower levels of stress hormones such as cortisol in adults.< / P >< br />


In conclusion , these studies confirm what many have intuitively known all along-that nature brings us joy! Whether you’re chopping down a tree or simply taking a stroll through the park, spending time surrounded by nature has been proven beneficial for both physical and emotional health . So although it might seem counterintuitive at first , there’s scientific evidence demonstrating why cutting down trees could actually make us happier .

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< p > This story originally appeared on The Washington Post written by Andrew Van Dam. To read more visit:

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