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Website Speed Optimization

When it comes to site speed, search engines and users are very sensitive and a slow website will cost you business and organic rankings. Naturally, users don't like it because they prefer things to be instant, otherwise, they will just click back and go off to the next website. Google doesn't want its users to get frustrated and slow websites usually take longer to download which requires more resources from a search engine.


Core Web Vitals

Google is now measuring how well your website performs in this first second and is giving you a grade based on your website’s performance. This is important because the first second of a website loading is crucial. If the user has to wait too long for the content to load, they are likely to leave your website. You can find your website’s grade by going to PageSpeed Insights and clicking on the “Web Core Vitals” tab.


Custom Vs Commercial Theme

Many of my clients use WordPress, Magento, or Shopify installations that come with a commercial theme (Avada, Enfold, or virtually any theme from ThemeForest). These themes are incredible, but unfortunately, often they are heavy and limited on how much they can be optimized. So if you are competing in a tougher market I recommend you to go with a custom theme. It will feel and look like the commercial themes, but because I build it especially for the functionality you really need, it will be much lighter.


Sites I Optimized

Kanaan Co website


Score: 100

Yes, this is the site you are now on. Since I offer page speed optimization it is imperative that my own site will be optimized without using any commercial speed optimization plugins and tricks, instead, we develop a custom speed optimization plugin tailored to each client's site, made with pure code, efficient development, and lots of love.


Score: 90+

I was working with their agency to create a new custom theme. The goal of this project was to improve the site’s SEO ranking by optimizing page speed and user experience. The site is built over a custom WordPress theme and cloned their previous design. Before the new site was launched the page speed score was 40 and after the launch, the score improved to 90-95 with a custom page speed plugin.


Score: 90+

Another agency client needed two optimized landing pages. This time the goal of the project was to create an extremely fast and friendly user experience over a mobile-first design to improve conversions, so we helped them make custom landing pages with pure code and a custom speed optimization plugin that we made just for them, so it loads blazing fast and feels great.


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